[Connor McDavid] 史上最年少キャプテン、脳震とう監視人に苛立ちを隠さず


McDavid ‘shocked’ he was pulled from game by concussion spotter

by Ian McLaren | Dec 5

“I was pretty shocked, to be honest,” he told reporters after the game. “I hit my mouth on the ice. You reach up and grab your mouth when you get hit in the mouth. It’s a pretty normal thing. Obviously the spotter thought he knew how I was feeling and pulled me off.

“Sh–ty time of the game too, I guess, where it’s little bit a partial five-on-three and going into a power play after late in the second period where if you capitalize it could change the game.”

He added that the concussion spotter was simply doing his job looking out for the players’ well-being according to league guidelines. The test took about 20 minutes, and McDavid, still clearly frustrated with the night’s events, said the it was “a bit of a process and inconvenient.”

こんな『タフガイ』なキャプテンはイヤ。自分の発言が持つ影響力を認識しているのだろうか。脳震とうを隠してプレイオフに出場したというStamkos先輩の影響でなければいいのだけれど… 😦

Dumoulin not bothered by NHL concussion-spotting policy

by Jonathan Bombulie | Dec. 5, 2016

Dumoulin said he thinks instances of players disagreeing with concussion spotters will be rare, especially during the regular season, because players have taken the warnings about the injury’s potential impact to heart.

“I think everyone’s pretty conscious of it,” Dumoulin said. “They know the risks involved.”

In the playoffs, when stakes are higher and players are more likely to risk their health to stay in a game, Dumoulin said he’s not sure how it’s going to go.

“That’s a time you have to walk that line,” Dumoulin said.

Ultimately, though, Dumoulin said he thinks the league’s current concussion-spotting protocol works pretty well.



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