[LeBron James] SI誌のスポーツ大賞と胸の安全ピン


  • やはり生え際(すみません)
  • タートルネックは先日のホワイトハウス表敬訪問でも着ていたし、流行っているのかしら?
  • 白のジャケットはもちろん仕立てがいいのだろうけど、着痩せして見える
  • 胸元のゴツイのは…クラリネットのブローチ???(よく見てみると、眼鏡かサングラスのテンプルらしい)

ラペルのところのかなり大きな安全ピンには気づきもしませんでした。たとえ気づいたとしても、ファッションとして片付けたはず。しかしこのピンこそがLebronのfashion statementだったのです。

LeBron James Is More Than SI’s Sportsperson Of The Year


The “Safety Pin” movement began in North America to mirror an effort that began in the United Kingdom following the Brexit vote.  The Brexit debacle seemed to fuel xenophobic sentiment. Muslim immigrants and refugees (or anyone who could pass for them) were the main targets of this bigotry.

Across the Atlantic, allies offered to wear a safety pin, literally a ‘safety pin’, as a visible example that they would stand up for People of Color, LGBTIQ community and Persons with Disabilities- namely those who felt targeted and physically unsafe.

The fair criticisms of this action began to pour in. […]

最後のパラグラフにたどりついた頃には、なぜか目がうるうると… 😥

But in an era where racist cruelty is the modus operandi, I will take LeBron James’ pin. Not as a solution, but as an offering to remember those who are at risk; and to fight hard alongside others in whichever way possible to decimate the racist systems that are destroying our peace.


Congrats Lebron, well deserved!!!


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