[Spurs] ホリデイの“give back”と迷信


ところで、Kyleといえば亡くなった親友のために自殺防止に熱心に取り組んでいて、ホリデイは自殺が増える時期でもある--と思っていたのですが、ふと検索してみたところ… 😯

The Dangerous Holiday-Suicide Myth That Won’t End

People are not more likely to kill themselves in the winter. The media’s insistence to the contrary is confusing and dangerous.

According to the CDC, November and December are the months with the fewest suicides. The overwhelming majority of people who kill themselves are mentally ill. For people who otherwise feel fine year-round, feeling mildly down in December is simply not enough to prompt suicide. The stress we associate with the holiday season isn’t the kind of stress that leads to suicide, as Christine Moutier, a psychiatrist and the chief medical officer with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, told NPR. Instead, people are driven to end their lives because of factors like genetics, trauma, mental illness, and access to guns.


偽ニュースに騙されて“giant orange Twitter egg”に投票した人たちを笑っている場合ではないのでした。


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