[NBA Cares] 今年一番心に残ったニュース(NHLもならうべし!!!)

Cavsの大逆転優勝とか、Tim Duncan引退とか、KDの「つまんない奴だな~」移籍とか、いろいろあった2016年。何よりも心に残っているのはこのニュース。

Retired NBA players benefit from new CBA

by Ohm Youngmisuk | Dec 23, 2016

With Jordan, now the league’s most famous owner, working over his fellow co-owners to lend a very influential assist along with current stars like Chris Paul, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony voicing their desire to take care of the previous generations of NBA players, the NBA will become the first professional sports league to offer retired players medical benefits as part of a comprehensive and enhanced player retirement package.

“I’ve said it a number of times: the biggest thing is the health insurance that we got for some of our former players and stuff like that,” said Paul, the NBPA executive committee president. “No question. That was a huge priority. Well, I mean, it was a huge priority to keep the game going, first and foremost, for the fans. But at some point, one time or another, everybody out here is going to be a former player. You know what I mean? I think that shows how connected we are as a body of NBA players.”

数カ月前に選手会が動いているとTwitterか何かで読んで以来(そのときは中心的な役割をはたした選手会メンバーとしてChris Paulの名前が挙がっていた)、CP3を見ると畏敬の念のようなものを覚えずにはいられなくなった。何たるリーダーシップ。





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