[Colin Kaepernick] 『ロッカールームの癌』と呼ばれた選手たち

国歌斉唱時の抗議は大きな議論を呼び、非愛国的だのチームの和を乱すだの試合への集中力をそぐだの、連邦最高裁判事からは“dumb and disrespectful”なんて言われたりもしました(のちに撤回 😡 )。

(Photo courtesy of csnbayarea.com)
(Photo courtesy of csnbayarea.com)

Teammates vote Kaepernick winner of prestigious Eshmont Award

By Matt Maiocco | December 30, 2016

If there was any doubt about how Colin Kaepernick’s protest this season was received inside the 49ers’ locker room, that question was answered on Friday.

Kaepernick’s teammates voted him as the winner of the Len Eshmont Award as the 49ers player who best exemplifies the inspirational and courageous play of Len Eshmont. The award is considered the most prestigious team honor on which players vote.

Pensにもいます、かつて『ロッカールームの癌』『コーチ・キラー』『こいつでは優勝できない』『やる気に欠け、若手を堕落させる』『ホット・ドッグ大食らいのデブ』などとメディアや一部ファンから非難されていた選手が。Phil the Thrillこと、Stanley Cup ChampionのPhil Kesselさん。

(Photo courtesy of Hockey News magazine)
(Photo courtesy of Hockey News magazine)


Penguins locker room filled with laughter thanks to Phil Kessel

November 27, 2016

Many of Kessel’s teammates were curious when Rutherford made the trade for Kessel whether what they had read had any validity to it.

They quickly discovered someone completely opposite of what they were expecting.

“You hear things and read things, but I don’t think any of that mirrors the guy he actually is,” Olli Maatta said. “The first time I met him, all of that fell apart almost. He’s an unbelievable guy, an unbelievable teammate.”



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