[Pens] Geno 30歳:体調万全にして絶好調、自らの成長と親友Sidについて語る


Evgeni Malkin healthy, productive for Penguins

by Nicholas J. Cotsonika | NHL.com

“It means so much for me,” Malkin said. “I come to the rink every day. I see how Sid works and I try follow him. It’s, like, I know he’s best player in NHL for the last two years, over the last 10 years, and I just try follow him. In practice I try to repeat [what he does]. When he scores I try do my best and score too, try just be better every day like him. He never stops. He tries to work hard every day, tries be better every day, and I look to him. … I’m a lucky guy to be here.

“The Penguins are lucky too.


記事にも出てきたGenoのインスタ。ファイナル優勝の翌日、コメントは短く『親友』とだけ… 😥 😥 😥

Geno & Sid best friends


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