[Hockey] Pens選手による「ホッケー・ペアレント」へのアドバイス


Pittsburgh Penguins Share Tips for Parenting on Ice

By shelly anderson | Pittsburgh Magazine | February 15, 2017

“You’re at a tournament, and the obnoxious dad on your team gets in a fight with the obnoxious dad on the other team,” he [Matt Murray] says.


ジュニア時代、PhilとSidのチームが対戦したときに、Mrs. Kesselが観客席の最前列からSidをヤジリ倒したのは有名な話だ。

TIL: Jack Johnson called Phil Kessel a “Dirt Bag” in a draft combine interview : hockey


One of my favorite Sid stories is the time that Phil Kessel’s mom went right down to the glass and started heckling him before a face-off in the opponents’ zone. She was calling Sid every nasty name in the book and telling him that he was overrated. Typically, Sid would win the face-off and set me up for a slap shot near the blueline. Not this time. Sid went up to me and said that he was going to win the face-off and take the puck himself and score. I just nodded my head.

Sure enough, the puck drops and Sid grabs possession. Within 2 seconds, the red light goes off and all Sid does is tip his hat to Mrs. Kessel. Just a classic Sid Crosby moment.”


まあSidはいちいち根に持つタイプには見えないが(キリがないし)、Mrs. Kesselは息子がSid率いるPensにトレードされ、相当気まずい思いをしたのではないか。 😆 😆 😆

Sarah Palin hockey mom quote


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