[Hockey] NHLer、リンク(氷の状態)について語る

去年末だったか、DVDレコーダーに全日本アイスホッケー選手権の準決勝と決勝戦が録画されていたので少し見てみたところ、これがもう呆気にとられるほどパスが通らない!(笑) 選手の腕に問題があるのか、それとも氷の状態が悪くてパックが跳ねまくっていたのか、いずれにせよ早急に対処したほうがよくないですか、関係者各位さま?


NHL – Players aren’t too happy these days with the quality of the ice around the league – Big Question

ESPN.com | Feb 22, 2017

Brooks Orpik, D, Washington Capitals: “I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a place that has good ice. I think Pittsburgh actually has good ice, after years of Sidney [Crosby] going over … it started with all of us bitching about it. It finally got to the point where Sid would go every day and constructively sit down with the guys who ran the rink and tell them exactly what he felt was wrong with it. It was good dialogue between them, and the ice started getting better and better. That’s the one place I think is consistently pretty good. […]


24/7 Ep. 2 — Crosby Rituals

※ 途中にゾンビの切れ端(!)みたいな大変見苦しい画像が含まれています、ご注意ください。 😆


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