[Hockey] NHLは、韓国はパスして、中国でのオリンピックにだけ選手を出したいそうな

がめついNHLオーナーさんたちがレギュラー・シーズンを中断したくないというなら、冬季はやめて、夏の東京五輪へいらっしゃればよろしいのに。観客もエアコンがガンガンきいたアリーナでのホッケー観戦を楽しめるし、一石二鳥! 😉




ま、Oviは何があっても出る気まんまんだし、他のスター選手も、Kingは分身の術で、Priceさんは壁を作って、真面目なSidは愛国心あふれるチームメイトの企みによって、Brent Burnsはヒゲを隠れ蓑(?)にして、どうにか出場をはたすだろう観測も



NHL asked for decision on Olympics by end of April

By Larry Lage / The Associated Press | March 23, 2017

The NHL has acknowledged it isn’t excited about the prospects of marketing the sport in South Korea, but it is very interested in being part of the 2022 Olympics in China.

Fasel suggested that might not be an option.

“If they don’t go to Korea, it will be very difficult for them to go to Beijing,” Fasel said. “The IOC will be in a different position and it would be a totally different deal on the table for the NHL. The NHL has more to lose than to win if they don’t come to Pyeongchang. If they don’t come, they will isolate themselves. The fans will not be happy and the players won’t be happy and then I would say, ‘Good luck with negotiations to go to China.’”



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