[Pens] 怪我との闘いに、CoachMePlusを活用




Penguins’ biometrics program helps alleviate injury woes

By Bill West | TribLIVE | April 9, 2017

“As long as the athletes believe (the tracking) is beneficial and there’s a trust relationship between the coaches and the athletes, then (players) will buy in,” said CoachMePlus president and co-founder Kevin Dawidowicz, who counts 11 NHL teams among his company’s clients. “The Penguins are actually a very successful organization at doing this. … They’re one of the more advanced teams.”



“There’s lots out there if you want to wrap your head around it,” Crosby said. “You don’t go by everything, but there’s certain pieces of information you can use. It’s not always the information you get. It’s how you interpret that information.”

(Photo: CoachMePlus.com)

Pensへ移籍してきた後も鉄人記録を途切れさせないPhilについては、徹底的にデータを取って研究してもらいたいものです。 😉


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