[Hockey] 元Pens選手、ヒラリー・クリントンをヒトラーになぞらえたインスタ画像をLikeしたことで、オリンピック出場禁止をくらっていたかも?


Islanders goalie Thomas Greiss apologizes for Instagram posts he liked during presidential campaign

By Arthur Staple / Newsday | May 12, 2017

Islanders goaltender Thomas Greiss issued an apology for causing an uproar in his native Germany for several Instagram posts that he “liked” during the U.S. presidential campaign, one of which compared Hillary Clinton to Adolf Hitler.

Greiss’ social media behavior had drawn the attention of the German hockey federation, for whom Greiss is currently playing in the World Championships in Cologne. The head of the federation strongly criticized Greiss’ behavior, forcing the Islanders and Greiss to give Newsday statements last night.

Eishockey Torwart Greiss droht der Olympia-Ausschluss


According to his very questionable Instagram-Likes, ice hockey national goalkeeper Thomas Greiss threatens the exclusion from the German Olympic team. “Whoever acts or communicates in this way can not be a team member in Pyeongchang,” President Alfons Hörmann from the German Olympic Sports Federation (DOSB) told the SID.


“All athletes have an important role model in the public arena,” said Hörmann, “political extremism has nothing to do with sport,” he said. “We will continue to emphasize the special importance of the values ​​of sport for the Olympics – our team in Germany – Zero tolerance. “Therefore, maintaining this communication would be a clear exclusion criterion for this or other player.”



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[Spurs] 特製ベジ・フルーツ100%『スーパー・シェイク』で疲労回復

レシピは秘密らしいです。H‑E‑BでSlam Duncan O’sと並べて売り出したらいいのに!

The San Antonio Spurs, made with 100 percent juice

By Michael C. Wright / ESPN Staff Writer

Kawhi Leonard’s custom cold-pressed juice has been named “Kawhi-Zilla” by Spurs staff, and features strawberry, watermelon, lemon and chia seed. LaMarcus Aldridge drinks one with a label that reads “LaLa Leave My Juice Alone,” which is a mixture of pineapple, orange, strawberry, spinach and secrecy. For the last three years, nearly every player on San Antonio’s roster drinks his own personalized juice whipped up by the staff as an aid to recovery.

GreenさんのはやはりGreen Juice?(笑)

It’s one of many things the Spurs do in the name of player health. Does it work? Hard to say. But also hard to ignore, especially if you’re one of the 29 teams that trails the Spurs when it comes to injury prevention. Over the last decade, and despite an older roster, the Spurs have ranked first in the league with only 1,054 missed games to injury. During the 2015-16 season, Spurs players missed only 59 games due to injury, according to In Street Clothes.


H‑E‑B Slam Duncan O’s – YouTube

[Hockey, 脳震とう] 集団訴訟、自殺した4名の元ジュニア選手、Sidは早期引退すべきか、ほか


League points finger at union in NHL concussion case

By Rick Westhead / TSN | Apr 21, 2017

The National Hockey League says the NHL Players’ Association has repeatedly interfered with its attempts to introduce rules over the past 50 years to limit staged fighting, better safeguard players and bolster penalties for dangerous head hits.

Connolly wrote, “…hockey players today continue to compete fiercely for the chance to play in the NHL despite significant publicity – including in feature films and press coverage of this very litigation – regarding the alleged risks of head hits. Accordingly, the notion that no proposed class member would have played in the NHL if he received more information about those risks is highly implausible.”


自殺した30歳以下の元ジュニア選手4名の脳を病理解剖、全員がCTEと診断された。22歳で亡くなったDrew Mulliganさんはいわゆるenforcer、ホッケーの「チェック」「乱闘」が原因で脳震とうを発症したとお姉さんが語っている。

Four Jr. Hockey Players Who Committed Suicide Diagnosed with CTE

By Rick Westhead | April 27, 2017

Tyler Maland, a spokesman for the Concussion Legacy Foundation, said more than 1,700 people have pledged to donate their brains to B.U. for study of CTE, a brain-withering disease linked to repeated concussions.

Of those 1,700, five are former NHL players. No current NHL player has pledged his brain. By comparison, three active NFL players and more than 100 former NFL players have pledged their brains to science, Maland said.

“…To continue to play a sport like hockey or football, you have to turn a blind eye to this,” said Lisa McHale, the foundation’s director of family relations. “Willful ignorance is an easier tack to take than being concerned about CTE when you’re still making your living as a professional athlete.”



LatendresseさんはNHLを引退して6年、不安症、ストレス、頭痛、疲労、睡眠障害など脳震とうの後遺症に苦しんでいるとラジオで語った。彼とSidは同い年(ジュニア・リーグのドラフト全体1位と2位)。Sidもプロ入りして以来、少なくとも4度の脳震とうを経験している。世界最高のホッケー選手は、将来のQOLを考えて早期引退すべきか? r/hockeyのファンが話し合っています。

Guillaume Latendresse’s life, 4 years after retiring due to concussions


Guillaume Latendresse was interviewed this morning on the 98.5 radio in Montreal. While the subject of the interview was Crosby’s injury, Latendresse instead started talking about his personal injuries and the effects they have on his life.

  • Had 6 concussions in his last 3 seasons
  • Still has anxiety, stress, headaches, fatigue, can’t function with less than 8 hours of sleep
  • […]

SidやTangerは将来の健康/家族のためにホッケーから足を洗うべきか、というのは彼らが脳震とうを起こすたびにファンのあいだで繰り返されてきた議論です。究極的には本人と医師のあいだで話し合われるべきこと。ただファンとしても不安を覚えずにはいられません。 😥

Should Sidney Crosby consider retiring?


The time may be approaching, doctors suggested Wednesday, for Crosby to take a hard look at not when — but if — he should return to the game.

“When there have been multiple concussions, the chance of having persisting symptoms goes up terrifically,” said Dr. Charles Tator, the director of the Canadian Concussion Centre at Toronto Western Hospital. “So we’re especially careful about helping people avoid further concussions.

2011年の復帰が遅れたのは、実は首の負傷が原因だという推測も。そうだといいなあ…(これをwillful ignoranceというのか?)


[Houston Rockets] The Players’ Tribuneの記事2本

今シーズンのRocketsは試合も見ていて面白いし、その上にこんな記事まで書いてくれちゃって、ファンになってしまいそうです…。NBAでは(NHLとは違って)、自分が応援するチームだけではなく、相手チームのHCや選手をリスペクトすることができて嬉しい。 🙂

When James Calls, You Pick Up | The Players’ Tribune

By Eric Gordon / Houston Rockets | Apr 27 2017

The one thing they never mentioned — not once — was that I would be coming off the bench.

A New Obsession | The Players’ Tribune

By James Harden / Houston Rockets | May 1 2017

I’ve never been a writer before, but you know what?

Before this season I’d never really been a point guard, either. So let’s do this.

シュートが上手いからという理由だけで、たとえばKlay Thompsonのファンになったりはしないけれど、こういう文章を読んでしまうと『面倒見のいいお兄さん』Eric Gordonを応援することになる。コーチD’Antoniの顔を見るたびに、フィルム部屋にこもってHardenにSteve Nashのビデオを見せているところを想像するようになる(笑)。