[Hockey] 元Pens選手、ヒラリー・クリントンをヒトラーになぞらえたインスタ画像をLikeしたことで、オリンピック出場禁止をくらっていたかも?


Islanders goalie Thomas Greiss apologizes for Instagram posts he liked during presidential campaign

By Arthur Staple / Newsday | May 12, 2017

Islanders goaltender Thomas Greiss issued an apology for causing an uproar in his native Germany for several Instagram posts that he “liked” during the U.S. presidential campaign, one of which compared Hillary Clinton to Adolf Hitler.

Greiss’ social media behavior had drawn the attention of the German hockey federation, for whom Greiss is currently playing in the World Championships in Cologne. The head of the federation strongly criticized Greiss’ behavior, forcing the Islanders and Greiss to give Newsday statements last night.

Eishockey Torwart Greiss droht der Olympia-Ausschluss


According to his very questionable Instagram-Likes, ice hockey national goalkeeper Thomas Greiss threatens the exclusion from the German Olympic team. “Whoever acts or communicates in this way can not be a team member in Pyeongchang,” President Alfons Hörmann from the German Olympic Sports Federation (DOSB) told the SID.


“All athletes have an important role model in the public arena,” said Hörmann, “political extremism has nothing to do with sport,” he said. “We will continue to emphasize the special importance of the values ​​of sport for the Olympics – our team in Germany – Zero tolerance. “Therefore, maintaining this communication would be a clear exclusion criterion for this or other player.”





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