[Hockey] 毎年恒例 「実は怪我を隠してプレイしていました」のマッチョ自慢合戦(?)はじまる

ホッケー・メディアやファンはこういうのが大好き。「NHLerはなんと勇敢であることか!」「これぞ男、真の勇者!」みたいに賞賛されるのですが、ほんとうにそうかな? 😦




Blake Griffinを軟弱だとののしりたいなら、チームのスタッフを殴って自分の手を骨折だかなんだかしたことを持ち出してほしい。ただMcJesusくんも試合中に誰かを殴ろうとして手を怪我したことがありましたよね。



「ねえママ、どうしてパパはぼくの名前を忘れるの?」「パパはね、チームのために戦ったのよ」 😥


Ex-NFL Dad Writes Love Letter to His Wife & Daughters After Concussions Cause His Mind to Slip Away

By Sara Vallone

You Will Always Be My Girls – YouTube

Published on Jun 26, 2014

Super Bowl Champion Ben Utecht writes a love letter to his wife and girls from the perspective of the aging football player who may not remember their names and faces one day due to brain disease from concussions.

そういえば先日、薬物の過剰摂取により亡くなったとされるベイビーPens(Wheeling Nailers)の元コーチも、現役中に負った怪我が元で依存症になったのではと噂されていました。ホッケー村では悲しいかな、よく聞く話です。まだ30代、幼いお子さんが遺され、教育資金を集めるための基金が設置されています。

Coach, Retired NHL Player Found Dead Of Apparent Heroin Overdose

By Ralph Iannotti | CBS Pittsburgh | April 6, 2017

A former NHL player and minor league coach has been found dead in a rehabilitation facility for men in Pittsburgh’s Uptown neighborhood.


Gove was head coach of the Wheeling Nailers last year for several months, but took a leave of absence in April without explanation.




#WomensMarch: Pop、Lebron、ホッケー界の反応など



Popovich has more to say about President Trump

By Jeff McDonald | Spurs Nationn | January 21, 2017

And what really bothers me are the people around him, the Sean Spicers, the Kellyanne Conways the Reince Preibuses, who know who he is and actually have the cynical approach and disingenuous attitude to really defend him and make him look like he didn’t say what he said.  […]

このShout Outに対して「Lebronへのリスペクトをすべて失った」などと返信する人があったり(ヒラリーの選挙応援はOKだったのか???)、「そりゃキングもさぞ悲しがるでしょうよ」「Lebronが女性をリスペクトするから?」などとさらにツッコミが入ったりしております。



[Hockey] ホッケー選手の縁起担ぎと迷信深さ

アスリートはよく縁起をかつぐと言われますが、ホッケー選手のそれはanother level。


Gotta See It: Jets players freak out as Brock Lesner breaks sacred dressing room rule

Published on Jan 9, 2017

Wrestling star Brock Lesner got a special tour of the Winnipeg Jets’ facilities after their win against the Flames. The only problem is that he breaks one of the most sacred rules of an NHL team’s dressing room.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! と絶叫されても、当のご本人は訳がわからずきょとん。
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[Hockey, 脳震とう] 元PensのDownie、Twitterで魂の告白+NHLを痛烈批判

Pensにいた頃、Steve Downieはいわゆる“enforcer”と呼ばれる、ギャングの用心棒みたいな選手だった。ファンがDownieを出せ!と言うのは、得点が欲しいとき、守備固めをしたいときではない。対戦相手が危険で汚いプレイを仕掛けてきたとき、その報復を叫ぶときだ。Downieは小柄だし、無鉄砲さだけが取り柄みたいなenforcerだった。

Former NHLer Steve Downie tees off on Don Cherry, Coyotes in Twitter rant


Former NHLer Steve Downie went on a Twitter rant Friday, calling out everything from the Arizona Coyotes to the NHL’s approach to concussions to hockey commentator Don Cherry.

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[Connor McDavid] 史上最年少キャプテン、脳震とう監視人に苛立ちを隠さず


McDavid ‘shocked’ he was pulled from game by concussion spotter

by Ian McLaren | Dec 5

“I was pretty shocked, to be honest,” he told reporters after the game. “I hit my mouth on the ice. You reach up and grab your mouth when you get hit in the mouth. It’s a pretty normal thing. Obviously the spotter thought he knew how I was feeling and pulled me off.

“Sh–ty time of the game too, I guess, where it’s little bit a partial five-on-three and going into a power play after late in the second period where if you capitalize it could change the game.”

He added that the concussion spotter was simply doing his job looking out for the players’ well-being according to league guidelines. The test took about 20 minutes, and McDavid, still clearly frustrated with the night’s events, said the it was “a bit of a process and inconvenient.”

こんな『タフガイ』なキャプテンはイヤ。自分の発言が持つ影響力を認識しているのだろうか。脳震とうを隠してプレイオフに出場したというStamkos先輩の影響でなければいいのだけれど… 😦
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#MoreThanMean 『意地悪』では済まされない、スポーツ界の女性に対するハラスメント

Warning: graphic language


#MoreThanMean highlights harassment women in sports endure

28 April 2016 18.27 BST

“I hope you get raped with a hockey stick.” It was ridiculous that someone who didn’t know me would lash out for 140 characters I wrote about Patrick Kane. Why would they would think it was acceptable that I be a victim of rape because I opined on a very public case of a hockey player? Those words stung me and I cried. I deleted the email.