#WomensMarch: Pop、Lebron、ホッケー界の反応など



Popovich has more to say about President Trump

By Jeff McDonald | Spurs Nationn | January 21, 2017

And what really bothers me are the people around him, the Sean Spicers, the Kellyanne Conways the Reince Preibuses, who know who he is and actually have the cynical approach and disingenuous attitude to really defend him and make him look like he didn’t say what he said.  […]

このShout Outに対して「Lebronへのリスペクトをすべて失った」などと返信する人があったり(ヒラリーの選挙応援はOKだったのか???)、「そりゃキングもさぞ悲しがるでしょうよ」「Lebronが女性をリスペクトするから?」などとさらにツッコミが入ったりしております。




[Hockey] ホッケー選手の縁起担ぎと迷信深さ

アスリートはよく縁起をかつぐと言われますが、ホッケー選手のそれはanother level。


Gotta See It: Jets players freak out as Brock Lesner breaks sacred dressing room rule

Published on Jan 9, 2017

Wrestling star Brock Lesner got a special tour of the Winnipeg Jets’ facilities after their win against the Flames. The only problem is that he breaks one of the most sacred rules of an NHL team’s dressing room.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! と絶叫されても、当のご本人は訳がわからずきょとん。
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#MoreThanMean 『意地悪』では済まされない、スポーツ界の女性に対するハラスメント

Warning: graphic language


#MoreThanMean highlights harassment women in sports endure

28 April 2016 18.27 BST

“I hope you get raped with a hockey stick.” It was ridiculous that someone who didn’t know me would lash out for 140 characters I wrote about Patrick Kane. Why would they would think it was acceptable that I be a victim of rape because I opined on a very public case of a hockey player? Those words stung me and I cried. I deleted the email.