[NBA労使交渉] Michael Jordan、オーナーと選手双方から称賛を受ける

神様MJの威光の前では誰もがひれ伏す、という話ではなく、前回の交渉ではPaul GeorgeやKlay Thompsonら選手がMJを批判している。

Player-turned-owner Michael Jordan lauded by both sides for role in labor talks

After tough negotiations in 2011, Jordan pivots to help bridge gap between players and ownership
by Steve Aschburner | Dec 16, 2016

“It’s an emotional endeavor on both sides,” said Cleveland Cavaliers forward James Jones, secretary-treasurer of the National Basketball Players Association. “So you have to speak on the same frequency. Mike is able to do that, because he understands the opposition.”

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