[Spurs, Dejounte Murray] The Rookie And The Vet, Family For Life

ルーキーDejounteくんとベテランLMA。素敵な写真。そして“family for life”のキャプションにグッとくる。 ❤

これを見て思い出したのは、DejounteがBaby Boy(笑)と呼ばれていた頃から彼を支援してきたClippersのベテラン選手Jamal Crawfordのこと。いま読み返してみると記事にはLaMarcusの名前も出てくる。Portland時代のチームメイトとしてJamalの結婚式前日のチャリティ試合に参加して、そのときに若きDejounteにも会ったみたい。

NBA: Dejounte Murray’s biggest mentor is Jamal Crawford

by Michael C. Wright | ESPN | Dec 22, 2016

“You never know what a kid is going through,” Murray said. “I’m not going to speak on what I was going through, because I don’t want to put that out right now. But it was just rough. Some kids have a house, have their mom and dad, stuff like that. Then you have kids that go through it. It is what it is, just life. But like I said, more NBA players should reach out to kids.”

Pensの若手で苗字が同じMurrayくんも、子どもの頃に地元出身の元NHLerが(高価なため個人で購入するのは大変な)ゴーリー装具一式を寄付してくれてとても助かったと感謝していたが、Dejounteが育った境遇の過酷さやJamal Crawfordの貢献は別の次元だ。

Murray says Crawford “tried to help, but there was nothing he could really do. He was an NBA player. So he couldn’t come get me. There’s only so much you can tell somebody. He could text and say, ‘Stay out of the streets’ or whatever. But he wasn’t there. It was hard.”

“He helped us,” Murray says of Crawford. “He definitely was there for us if we ever needed something. He always stayed positive with me and my family. He always hit up my family, my mom, my sister, my uncles. He stayed in contact with me. He’d pretty much tell them to make sure my head is straight. ‘That kid has a chance.’ I’ve seen several messages from my uncles, my mom with them just saying Jamal just texted me saying little things like that.”

Dejounteがメンターとして面倒を見ているという地元の子たちは、最近のDejounteの活躍にどんなにわくわくしているだろう。がんばれDejounte、Go Spurs!!!

おまけにCP3負傷中は苦しい戦いを強いられるであろうJamalさん、陰ながら応援しています、Go Clippers!!!

それにしても、週に2~3回は試合があり、経験豊富なベテランが多いとはいえ、Spursは1ヶ月以上もチーム練習をしないのか…! 😯


San Antonio Spurs (33-9) vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (30-11) – Jan. 21, 2017

先日はPenは幸運だという記事を紹介したけれど、Kawhiを擁するSpursもまた幸運なり。そしてPopお墨付き[1]『キング』の活躍を目撃できるのも最高に幸運。 😀 😀 😀


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