[Houston Rockets] The Players’ Tribuneの記事2本

今シーズンのRocketsは試合も見ていて面白いし、その上にこんな記事まで書いてくれちゃって、ファンになってしまいそうです…。NBAでは(NHLとは違って)、自分が応援するチームだけではなく、相手チームのHCや選手をリスペクトすることができて嬉しい。 🙂

When James Calls, You Pick Up | The Players’ Tribune

By Eric Gordon / Houston Rockets | Apr 27 2017

The one thing they never mentioned — not once — was that I would be coming off the bench.

A New Obsession | The Players’ Tribune

By James Harden / Houston Rockets | May 1 2017

I’ve never been a writer before, but you know what?

Before this season I’d never really been a point guard, either. So let’s do this.

シュートが上手いからという理由だけで、たとえばKlay Thompsonのファンになったりはしないけれど、こういう文章を読んでしまうと『面倒見のいいお兄さん』Eric Gordonを応援することになる。コーチD’Antoniの顔を見るたびに、フィルム部屋にこもってHardenにSteve Nashのビデオを見せているところを想像するようになる(笑)。



[NBA, BLM運動] 白人男性アスリートは沈黙し続けるのか


Melo, WNBA raise bar on social activism as white men stay silent


On Monday, Jordan told The Undefeated that he was “deeply troubled by the deaths of African-Americans at the hands of law enforcement and angered by the cowardly and hateful targeting and killing of police officers.” Jordan also made two separate $1 million donations to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and a police charity. Reaction ranged from great praise (including Jim Brown) to “it’s about time” to noting his straddling of the issue to questioning if there was a better way.

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